Is it Time For a Professional Security System For Your Business?

10 July 2017

If you own a business, then it is essential to invest in high-quality burglar alarms and other security devices. Business security systems can protect your company from financial losses. Here are the best reasons to have security devices at your business.

Reason 1: Protecting Sensitive Information

A hacker can break into your company’s computer system to steal sensitive information such as trade secrets for recipes or chemical formulas. A business owner must also protect customer information, including bank account and credit card numbers. Additionally, employers often have access to some personal information of their employees and failing to protect that private information can lead to lawsuits.

Reason 2: Preventing Robberies

With a surveillance camera and burglar alarm, you can prevent robberies that can lead to major financial losses. In addition to stealing cash, a thief can take valuable items such as electronics.

Reason 3: Avoiding Internal Theft

By having security systems in place at your business, you can avoid having any internal theft by employees. Security Doctors, a company which provides business security systems in Chicago highly recommends installing cameras around cash registers. With surveillance cameras above a store’s cash registers, you can monitor an employee’s behavior. To prevent embezzlement, you can also monitor an employee’s behavior while he is working in an office or on a computer.

Reason 4: Preventing Violent Behavior

With business security systems, you can prevent violent behavior from customers or employees. When you have surveillance cameras in a building, you should place signs in strategic locations warning employees and clients. If someone knows that he is under surveillance, then he is less likely to commit violence with a weapon.

Reason 5: Avoiding Lawsuits From Injured Employees and Customers

With a security camera, you can monitor any accidents that occur in your business. If an employee or customer is injured on your business’s property, then she can sue you for negligence. When you are videotaping everyone in your business’s building, you can verify how an accident really occurred.

Reason 6: Stopping Shoplifting By Customers

Retailers lose thousands of dollars each year to shoplifting by customers. By installing cameras in the ceiling of a store, you can keep track of customers to determine if someone is concealing an item.

Reason 7: Reducing the Cost of Hiring Security Guards

If the cost of hiring security guards is too expensive, then having automated business security systems is an affordable option. In addition, your insurance company will likely give you a discount when you install surveillance cameras and burglar alarms.